Why Our Work Matters


Building bridges to nature

Splash programs create bridges between Sacramento’s urban population and the natural world that surrounds them. Nature provides a limitless resource for play, exploration, and discovery, yet few urban children enjoy regular excursions in nature.


Inspiring young scientists

Children are natural-born scientists. They’re curious about the world around them, ask lots of questions, and love the process of discovery. Splash programs make use of these talents by using a hands-on, inquiry-based approach to science education. According to experts, this approach helps children develop lifelong science literacy skills, including problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.


Fostering environmental stewardship

We believe that people value what they understand and they protect what they value. Splash programs help students and families draw connections between their own actions and protecting clean water habitats where they live. For many children, a trip to Mather Field is their first encounter with local nature and wildlife. When children have positive, first-hand experiences in nature, they are more likely to become adults who value and care for their environment.