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Splash volunteers young and old are helping to restore the vernal pool prairie at Mather Field. This spring small teams will gather in the cool of the evening to pull out invasive weeds that otherwise crowd out the native plants that fuel this ecosystem.

Our target this year is a fairly new invader that is spreading rapidly: Yellow Glandweed aka Parentucellia. This is a very special opportunity to be immersed in the peace of this place, while you attend to its needs.  Come for the weeds and stay for the bird song, the comradery and an amazing sunset.


Splash Internship

Each year Splash mentors up to four interns, teaching them to facilitate experiential learning in nature and student-led scientific inquiry. Splash Trailblazer Internships are unpaid. We offer them as an investment in the next generation of science and outdoor educators because we know that experiential learning is what works for students of all ages. Interns do not replace professional staff, but learn from them and with them as they practice the art of nature-based science education.


Meet Our Volunteers

These are profiles of some of the wonderful folks who have volunteered their time to help children understand and value their natural world.