Mike Barlow
Chief Financial Officer

© David Rosen/Wildside Photography

Mike grew up exploring lakes and rivers in Northern Idaho.  Countless hours spent catching bugs and fish as a child has lead to a lifelong fascination with the life sciences and the outdoors.

After graduating from the University of Idaho with a degree in microbiology in 1996, Mike relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and began a career that has included biotechnology, wilderness search and rescue, entrepreneurship, and web development.  Thirty-five years later, he attributes his curiosity about science, technology, and “how stuff works” on the countless hours spent in the outdoors as a child.

These early experiences, as well as observations with his own children have convinced him that there is a strong connection between children exploring nature, developing curiosity, and building confidence in the sciences.

As a current resident of the Mather community, the whole Barlow family discovered Splash through one of their Nature in the Neighborhood programs.  They became instant Splash fans.

Mike became a Splash Trustee in the fall of 2011 and brings over twenty years of experience in process development/improvement, quality assurance, risk management, technology, and a passion for blending education with nature and the outdoor world.