Mignon Marks
Board Chair

The Splash mission taps a lot of Mignon’s personal history and experience. She values education and Splash’s vision appeals to her interest in environmental protection. She loves that Splash opens the door to science and nature for kids from all backgrounds.  Besides that, she is a gardener at heart, so the vernal pools provide her with a natural garden to enjoy.

Mignon has a natural talent and irrepressible enthusiasm for researching and analyzing information about almost any topic.  She honed those skills over her 30-year career as an energy consultant and state worker where she explored emerging issues.  She worked in research and development, energy efficiency, electricity and natural gas systems analysis, power plant siting, distributed generation, and many other realms.  She found she could go into any job and learn the subject quickly. 

As a Splash Trustee, this skill has proven valuable to an organization where new issues are constantly emerging that require research and remedies.  Mignon’s board service integrates a lot of things she’s done over her life while still giving her opportunities to learn new things and give back to the community.   Lastly, the camaraderie at Splash keeps her socially engaged in her retired life.