Meghan Amos
Vernal Pool Guide

Meghan discovered Splash by chance while looking for a nature-based storytime for her then 18-month-old son. The moment she walked through the doors, she knew Splash was different and something she wanted to be part of.  Within a few months, she was a volunteer, helping Lu-Anne Spencer-Hartle with the care and feeding of the rescue animals in Critterville.  She has been at Splash ever since.  

She loves being a vernal pool field guide and is excited to take on her new role as coordinator of the Secondary Program: Investigating Streams & Water Quality.  When she isn’t at Splash, she can be found hiking with her family or taking care of her pets and garden at home.

Meghan grew up surrounded by nature and animals and both have played a big role in her life.  She spent part of her childhood on the sunny beaches of Southern California, exploring tide pools and digging for sand crabs, and the other part in Northern California, where she explored the hills and local lakes.  

Since moving to the Sacramento area 14 years ago, Meghan has grown to love the native animals and plants.  Her favorite critter is the Pacific Chorus Frog because she enjoys helping her son catch and learn about them in the backyard (or at least she did until her family got chickens – now the frogs fear for their lives).  Her favorite plant is Butter-and-eggs because it is hemi-parasitic.  That means it robs some of the nutrients it needs from surrounding plants, which is just plain cool.