Mackenzie Wieser
Chief Executive Officer

Mackenzie has a passionate vision and a personal mission to protect the environment through everyday activism and strategic leadership. She comes to Splash after serving as a Governor Brown appointee focused on climate policy and spent the past few years overhauling California’s procurement process to be more environmentally sustainable. In addition, Mackenzie is appointed to the Mayor’s Commission on Climate Change to further discuss policy and systemic impacts on the environment. She also serves as the Chair of Elk Grove’s City Planning Commission, understanding how planning and development works to build structures that impact humans, neighborhoods, cities, and the natural world.

As our CEO, Mackenzie brings her leadership experience in activating people to care about the natural world through innovative partnerships so that urban children and teens can access nature through hands-on, experiential science education. As a mom of three, she cares deeply about education and that kids are being given quality experiences that are hands-on and meaningful to truly help them form lasting connections with nature. She is committed to helping youth know their place in protecting the environment.