Lucie Adams
Vernal Pool Guide

Lucie is a biologist whose love of plants and the outdoors resulted in a degree in environmental studies and biology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She moved on to a career as a field biologist and botanist for various government agencies and environmental consulting firms.

Lucie has been with Splash since 2002 and enjoys sharing her love of the vernal pool plants and animals but especially the flowers:

I can spend hours and hours wandering from pool to pool exploring the array of plants and animals found in the pools. No two pools are ever the same!

Her favorite animal is the solitary bee because of its ability to live far underground, waiting for spring and its host-specific flower to bloom. Only when its particular flower is in bloom does the solitary bee emerge from the ground to begin its busy work of pollinating flowers. The solitary bees, and the flowers they pollinate, add magic to the vernal pools. Lucie’s favorite flower is the Vernal Pool Monkeyflower because finding it in a vernal pool is like discovering a jewel. Vernal pools are enchanted places!