Lucie Adams

Volunteer Gardener

Lucie helps Splash maintain the water-wise gardens that surround the Splash Education Center.  In all types of weather, Lucie can be found in the garden, pulling weeds and planting seeds!

We asked Lucie, “Why do you volunteer with Splash?”

Lucie replied, “I love my volunteer gardening time at the Splash Center! Gardening at the Splash Center provides me with an opportunity to appreciate the native plants and animals that live around the Splash Center. I often see California quail and native bees and butterflies in the native shrubs and flowers we have planted. Weeding and planting at Splash gives me time to observe and think about the connection between the animals and plants that live in our area.

Volunteering also allows me a chance to make a change for the better in my community while doing something I love – gardening. When I see the birds and cottontail bunnies enjoy the landscaping in and around the Splash Center, I am filled with optimism that California’s native plants and animals will continue to be an important part of our lives.”