John Castro
5th Grade Teacher

Without something to engage them and bring learning to life, the students at John’s urban school are at risk of dropping out before they graduate from high school. Splash’s Investigating Vernal Pools program covers the content John needs to teach in a way that engages even his students with major academic struggles because they’re excited about becoming the “class expert” on a particular vernal pool animal and plant.


“With Splash, they actually get to see in real life what they studied and that is more powerful for them.  The enthusiasm I see in the classroom is genuine – you can’t manufacture that.  When a kid is genuinely excited about something, they want to learn more.  


I see a lot of that with the Splash curriculum.  Kids want to explore.  They want to check out the Fairy Shrimp they are growing.  They want to talk to each other, ‘I’m this flower…I’m this critter.’ You can’t fake that and it’s generally something the textbooks don’t give you.”