Janet Herrin
Vernal Pool Guide

Janet grew up loving nature and the outdoors. Snakes, lizards, spiders, birds and coyotes were commonly observed in the Southern California desert where she grew up. Her fondest childhood memories are of riding her horse, Lady, through the sagebrush in search of something that would hop, crawl, or slither out of its hiding place.

She retired from teaching in 2006 and fell into her dream job at Splash because it brings students and nature together. She coordinates the Splash Club After School Program and guides vernal pool field trips during the spring. Every field trip is different depending on what is hopping, crawling, swimming or slithering – it’s just like being a kid again!

Her favorite critter would have to be the California Kingsnake because snakes are misunderstood and feared by most people, but a very important part of our ecosystem. Her favorite plant is Soap Plant because its history is so rich and its uses so varied. She loves hearing stories about how our ancestors used plants in their daily lives.