Diane Tharp

Diane is a retired elementary school teacher and watercolor artist.  She lives in Fair Oaks with her husband, Tom, and her German Shepherd, Gracie.  Diane has always had huge respect and love for nature and spends as much time as possible in the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, bicycling, snorkeling, canoe camping, and any activities that take her outside.  Even her artwork is inspired by nature.

It is important to Diane that children experience, value, and learn about nature.  She also believes that we must find a better way to deliver science education in our public schools.  So before retiring she dove into the Splash vernal pools program along with her class of 4th graders, teaching the Splash curriculum in the classroom to prepare them for their class trip to Mather Field.

“Through Splash, I was able to see how students became fascinated and passionate about the animals and ecosystem they explored on the field trip. They got to experience and discover the amazing natural world beyond the classroom, and as a result, developed a profound respect and value for nature.”

After 30 years of teaching, serving as a Splash board member and volunteer field guide allows Diane to continue sharing her passion for the natural world with young people.