David Rosen
Splash in the Class Coordinator & Vernal Pool Guide

David has worked as an environmental educator, teacher, park ranger, and naturalist for 40 years. His degree in Biology from the University of Michigan and extensive field experience have given David an intimate understanding of, and a deep love for, nature and wildlife. David is passionate about sharing outdoor and science experiences with others, especially kids.His philosophy for outdoor and science education is, “If the kids are having fun, then learning will happen naturally!” His favorite critter is the Western Meadowlark because of its incredible song, beautiful plumage, and really cool nest. His favorite plant is Vernal Pool Dodder because he really likes parasites.

He’s worked as a guide for vernal pool field trips since 2004 and has loved every minute of it. In his other life, David is a professional nature and wildlife photographer. Examples of his work can be seen throughout this website and the Splash curricula.