Chloe Grinberg
Board Treasurer

Chloe grew up in the beautiful town of Mendocino which instilled in her a love and respect of nature. With this came a protectiveness of nature as well. She currently works at a start-up company called Origin Materials in West Sacramento that is striving to create the first 100% bio-based PET to be used for water bottles. 

When Chloe first came into contact with Sacramento Splash, it seemed like it was meant to be. She was excited to see an organization that was showing children the magic of nature. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of nature, she understood how important it was for kids to come to appreciate the world around them. Not only did they get to experience the natural world during their field trips, but they also had a curriculum that could help them see the whole story. What Splash offers impressed Chloe and inspired her to become involved.

Since becoming involved, she’s found that Fairy Shrimp are her favorite critter and she has two favorite flowers: The Kellogg’s Monkey Flower (partially because of its name and partially because it is beautiful) and Lupins (for how they look and their beautiful fragrance).

Besides exploring nature, Chloe enjoys looking at dogs (every dog is a cute dog) and spending some quality time with Excel spreadsheets. If you haven’t experienced the beauty of a good Excel spreadsheet, you haven’t really lived life (that’s a joke). Her passion for spreadsheets is what got her the gig of Board Treasurer. She’s excited to continue to learn and explore with the Splash community.