Charmaine Boulmay

Volunteer/Retired Secondary Program Coordinator

Charmaine came to Splash after many years of teaching high school biology and general science and a few years working with elementary and preschool children. Charmaine was raised and attended college in New Orleans, where she earned a B.S. in Biology and a Masters Degree in Education with a Geology focus. After marrying a Californian, she settled here and has now lived in Northern California more than half her life.

Charmaine and her husband love to explore the outdoors and shared those experiences with their sons as they were growing up. Charmaine found that her students were happiest when out in nature and that those experiences helped strengthen other aspects of their learning. Sharing her understanding of the ecosystems around us, and especially the vernal pools, is a great pleasure. Her favorite critter is a type of algae called Volvox and her favorite plant is Spokepod.  

While serving as our Secondary Program Coordinator, she enlightened students about the natural world and their place in it. Charmaine has since retired from the Secondary Program, passing it down to our new coordinator, Meghan Amos. Charmaine continues to stay close to Splash as a volunteer, assisting with fundraising, donor appreciation and other events.