Bob Brown
Board Treasurer

Bob’s background in finance and accounting was the initial reason he was asked to join Splash’s Board of Trustees and become the Board’s Treasurer.  However, his passion for backpacking the mountains of the western states and a fascination with the mysteries of nature is why Bob has enthusiastically embraced Splash’s mission to help children understand and value their natural world through science education and outdoor exploration.

The vast majority of the wetlands and vernal pools in California have succumbed to development and those that remain are in a desperate fight for survival.   For that reason, Bob feels that it is imperative for Splash to preserve the wetlands and vernal pools at Mather Field, not only for their intrinsic value, but also as a magical classroom for the children of our community.  When Bob joined the Board of Trustees he was already a docent at another local nature center in an oak woodland along the American River where he guided trail tours for school children.  Since then he has attended training sessions at Splash to learn about the history, geology, critters and wildflowers of vernal pools, and Bob is now an official Splash docent.

During the late winter and early spring Bob looks forward to leading public tours of the Mather Field wetlands and share his knowledge of that very special world of vernal pools.