Barbara Camacho-Turner
Board Member

From her experiences as a home educator, substitute teacher, parent involved in the classroom, as well as nanny to several preschoolers over the years, Barbara has learned a lot about the nature of children and how children love nature.  All of these experiences working with children, she considers an honor.

As a former homeschooling mother, Barbara has spent many a day with batches of kids out at nature preserves throughout California.  Undoubtedly, each trip amazed and inspired the children, creating an imprint in Barbara that all children connect to our natural world when they are allowed to learn in a fun and meaningful manner.  This led her to Sacramento Splash.  Seeing the energy and depth of knowledge of their field guides, Barbara became enamored with Splash and its philosophies.  Once she discovered that a Splash priority was to engage children in low-income schools, she was sold. 

It is her goal to help as many public school children receive access to quality environmental education through Splash.  She’s equally passionate that Californian children learn that their vernal pools, despite being unassuming in appearance, are theirs to boast about – vernal pools are rare, dynamic, and just plain glorious!  

Barbara earned her B.A. in Psychology, has owned a quirky coffee shop in Midtown Sacramento, ran a successful bakery boutique, and dabbles in one day putting out an illustrated children’s book.  She grew up in Rancho Cordova, when the land at Mather Air Force Base was not known for its vernal pools.  She loves that Splash has grown up so close to a place she reveres as home.