Some Enchanted Evening – July 25th

Some Enchanted Evening: An Evening Walk At Mather Regional Park

Saturday, July 25: 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Join us for a leisurely sunset stroll into the woods and grasslands surrounding Mather Lake to discover the abundant wildlife that becomes active as night approaches Mather Field!

The first ½-hour of this program will take place at the Splash Education Center and will include a brief introduction to the incredible adaptations that enable nocturnal animals to survive. We’ll then make a very short drive to the Mather Lake parking area where we will embark on a relatively level, one-mile walk. It will still be light during the first part of our walk, as the sun will set about 8:30pm. It will be dark by 9:00pm so, on the latter part of our walk, we’ll get to see and hear the wildlife nightshift as they begin their routines.

On the walk, we will:

  • Discuss the types of nocturnal critters that live in the area,
  • Learn how to see in the dark without a flashlight,
  • Try some predator calling (making sounds that attract foxes, coyotes, etc.),
  • Listen for owls and try to get them to respond to predator calls on a tape,
  • Practice moving stealthily through the night, and, of course,
  • Talk about all the cool things we find along the way!

Some of the animals we’ve seen or heard on previous night walks include beaver, otter, raccoon, skunk, barn owl, great-horned owl, muskrat, black-crowned night heron, coyote, neat insects, and more!

Be sure to wear good walking shoes and warm, dark clothing. Bring a flashlight and bug protection of your choice. Reserve your spot early, as space in this fun program is limited!

Important Information

  • You may reserve a spot for this program (required) online or by calling Splash at 916-364-2437.
  • The Splash Education Center is located at 4426 Excelsior Rd., Mather, CA 95655. For directions, click on Contact Us.
  • Suggested donations are $10.00/adult and $5.00/child (5-18). Children must be accompanied by an adult.