Raptor Rapture: Birds of Prey and the Sport of Falconry
NOTE: This program is not currently being offered.

Mather Field is one of the best places in the Sacramento area to view birds of prey, also known as raptors. From tiny American Kestrels to majestic Golden Eagles, nearly a dozen different species of raptors can be seen at Mather.

This will be an especially good day to see raptors at Mather because falconer and raptor rehabilitator Bill Corbett will bring several live birds of prey to this presentation! You’ll have the chance to get “up close and personal” with spectacular live raptors, including Tesla, a huge Golden Eagle, and Bob, an adorable little Western Screech Owl.

The first part of this program will take place in the Splash Education Center, where Bill will show his birds, tell the stories of how he obtained each one, and discuss the sport of falconry. You’ll get a close look at the unique and amazing adaptations that make raptors some of nature’s most efficient hunters.

Following the indoor portion of the program, we’ll venture into the field to watch Bill fly one of his trained birds and to look for wild raptors in their favorite habitats!

Binoculars provided or BYOB (bring your own binoculars) and wear good walking shoes for the field portion of this program.