Preparing for Your Field Trip

On the day of your field trip, please arrive at the Splash Education Center between 9:15 and 9:30 a.m. Another class, either from your school or from a different school, will arrive at about the same time. Upon arrival, please keep your students on the bus or in vehicles to await further instructions. This avoids chaos in the parking lot.

The field trip is divided into a field segment at the vernal pools and a lab segment at the Splash Center. At 9:30, one class will go to the vernal pools, while the other goes to the Splash Center. At 11:00, the classes will switch places. This is a good opportunity for a bathroom break and a snack. Please bring a snack that is easy to share and has no wrappers, e.g., pretzels, crackers, trail mix, baby carrots. After the second segment of the trip, the field trip will end at 12:30. For more information, please see the Field Trip Itinerary.

If you wish to eat lunch at Mather Field after your field trip, we will direct you to a nearby park, as we do not have any picnic tables. To avoid extra work for park maintenance folks, please plan to carry out your trash. If you need a garbage bag, we can provide one for you.

Here is a checklist to help you prepare for your field trip.

  • Complete Lessons 1 thru 8 prior to a February or March field trip OR Lessons 1 thru 10 prior to an April field trip. (Required)
  • Divide the students into the three color groups designated in Lesson 6 of the Teacher’s Manual, per the instructions in Appendix C. (Required)
  • Provide each student with a color-coded nametag. Consider making double-sided necklace-style nametags. (Required)
  • Recruit at least three chaperones and assign at least one to each color group.
  • Photocopy the Splash Field Trip Instructions for Chaperones and distribute to all chaperones. (Required)
  • Print Directions to the Splash Center and distribute to your driver(s). (Required)
  • Encourage students to review their Vernal Pool Portfolios prior to the field trip. Students should be prepared to be the expert for their critter(s) and/or flower during the field trip. (Strongly recommended)
  • Replay The Mysteries of Vernal Pools DVD for your students on the day before the field trip. (Strongly recommended)
  • Remind students to wear long pants and boots/sturdy shoes. Students should come prepared for wind, cold weather, and possible showers during February and March. They should come prepared for warm weather and strong sun in April. (Strongly recommended)
  • Bring a large bag of pretzels or a similar snack. (Strongly recommended)