The Power of Conversation

Never underestimate the power of conversation. Almost everything we can do to improve our situation begins with a conversation. It is the most elegant and effective tool we have to make change and build community: sharing what is important to us through conversation with another person.

If you have been studying streams and vernal pools, you probably know more about the life they support than most people in California. You probably know the names and stories of plants and animals that call them home. You understand how much they depend on one another and on clean water for life. You also understand how much their clean water and habitat depends on us and how you can help protect it.

Now it is your turn to become a kind of teacher. By sharing your knowledge with others you have the power to destroy ignorance. It is ignorance that destroys water quality in our watershed and the life that depends on it. Most people do not know how to keep water clean and why it is important. With more understanding, our community can better protect aquatic life not only in the vernal pools but also in the streams, lakes and other wetlands that need our help.