Love of Learning Nights

An educational series exclusively for donors and volunteers

Love of Learning (LOL) is an on-going series of educational programs that bring together supporters of Splash to break bread and learn together. Information about registration is included in those invitations.  If you are a current donor or volunteer and have questions about LOL at Splash, please contact us

The business of Splash is the serious work of helping children understand and value their natural world. As we create lifelong learners in the next generation, we are cognizant that we must also feed and nurture their mentors.  We created LOL as a place to gather the volunteers and donors of Splash, to celebrate their work and their generosity, and to feed their own need for community and lifelong learning.  

For those of us intrigued by nature, our inner scientist is always noticing and wondering about life around us.  We have so many questions: What bird is singing in yonder treetop?  What butterfly will become of that caterpillar? Where have all the flowers gone?  LOL brings us local scientists and experts to share their knowledge of plants, animals and ecosystems so we can ask questions and get answers.

Think of an “LOL” at Splash as a chance to let your inner nerd learn, laugh and play with others.