Lizard Leap


Cardboard, torn in pieces to simulate large rocks. Make a variety of sizes and shapes from 15inches in diameter to 24 inches.


Mark off a start line and a finish line about 50 feet apart.

Team challenge:

May be played with 8-12 students per team. Place the pile of rocks at the starting line. Use 2 or 3 less than the number of students per team. This is important as students will have to share rocks in order to move the team toward the finish line.

Getting started:

Organize the teams into groups of 8-12. Allow two minutes for discussion among students to discuss who will be the lead Lizard, the order and a strategy for crossing once the rules are explained.


Your job is to move the team across the river by placing one rock at a time. The first lizard picks up a rock and tosses it in front of him/her and then leaps forward onto the rock. Lizard #2 hands the next rock to the leader who tosses it in front of him/her and jumps forward, Lizard #2 leaps onto the first rock, leaving Lizard #3 to pass a rock from the pile on up the line to the leader who again tosses a rock in the path on which to jump. Movement continues until all rocks have been passed, now it’s time to move the rocks in a rotating manner until all Lizards have crossed the river safely. Once all the rocks have been used from the pile, the last Lizard will need to share a rock and turn and pick up the last one, pass it forward so that progress can continue.

Sounds easy, right? Well, here is the catch. You can’t place your foot anywhere except on the rock. If you do, you run the risk of drowning by falling into the river. Penalty- you start all over again at the Start Line. Also, remember you were given time to plan a strategy. Well, there is no talking once the maneuver has begun. Lizards don’t talk, so once play begins, only hand signals may be used.