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Meet our New Chief Executive Officer!

The Tides of Change at Sacramento Splash!

A new wave of leadership is on the horizon at Splash as the beloved Butlers, Emily and Eva, are moving on to new beginnings. Emily “retired” as the Executive Director in June, and is enjoying spending time being a mom to an amazing kindergartner as she builds her next passionate path. After 20+ years, Founder Eva will be officially retiring her Splash galoshes this fall as the Director of Programming. She will be leaning into retirement, spending time with her husband in Maine, and advising and cheering Splash into the future!

We are pleased to announce that Splash has found its next leader in Mackenzie Wieser! Starting next week, Mackenzie will serve as CEO and “Chief Visionary Officer” for the next wave of Splash. Mackenzie is committed to building upon the strong foundation that both Emily and Eva cemented together, ensuring that Splash’s mission of helping children value the natural world continues. 

Welcome, Mackenzie!

Splash is eager to welcome Mackenzie Wieser as our next Chief Executive Officer! Mackenzie comes with both a passionate vision and a personal mission to protect the environment through everyday activism and strategic leadership. She is ready to build upon and amplify Splash’s mission so that another 53,000 kids may experience the joys of science, outdoor spaces, and vernal pools for many years to come. 

Mackenzie comes with 20+ years of experience in engaging teams to meet their goals and infusing smart planning processes that support spaces where all living things can thrive. She is determined to protect the environment by educating her community about simple changes they can make in behavior and actions. Mackenzie believes firmly in giving youth a seat at the decision-making table. She believes that these approaches will help save the planet. Mackenzie comes to Splash after serving as a Governor Brown appointee focused on climate policy and spent the past few years overhauling California’s procurement process to be more environmentally sustainable. In addition, Mackenzie is appointed to the Mayor’s Commission on Climate Change, a group of dedicated leaders brought together to discuss policy and suggest grand scale goals for the city to reach carbon zero by 2045. She also serves as the Chair of Elk Grove’s City Planning Commission, understanding how planning and development work to build structures that impact humans, neighborhoods, cities, and the natural world.

As our CEO, Mackenzie looks forward to bringing her leadership experience in activating people to care about the natural world through innovative partnerships so that urban children and teens can access nature through hands-on, experiential science education. As a mom of three, Mackenzie cares deeply about education and that kids are being given quality experiences that are hands-on and meaningful to truly help them form lasting connections with nature. She is committed to helping youth know their place in protecting the environment. 

The number one thing you’ll notice about Mackenzie when you meet her is… energy! Mackenzie is energetic, passionate, and amped to make real change and positive impact in our region. She runs, bikes, swims, and is an accomplished athlete. She also sews chemotherapy covers for cancer patients in memory of a good friend that she lost. We look forward to her injecting compassion, vision, and passion into Splash.

Reminder: Get your tickets to celebrate with us!

It’s time for the Celebration of Vernal Pools! November 2 from 6-9pm. This an evening event to benefit Splash.

Get tickets now! Eva and Mackenzie will both be there to greet you. Come on out to embrace these two magnificent women…. It’s gonna be a party!

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