Join our “My2Cents” campaign

Email a brief note to the SRCSD Board of Directors and send it no later than Sunday night, August 22 to:

Please don’t spend more than 10 minutes on your letter. Here’s a writing prompt to get you started: “As a ratepayer, Splash is worth two cents per month to me because…”

It would cost each household less than two cents per month to sustain Splash this year. As Splash solicits funding from other sources, this rate is expected to steadily decline over five years to less than a penny per month. If you count up all those pennies over five years, you’ll see that it adds up to less than $1 per family to keep delivering the Splash experience to over 14,000 students in our local schools.

The goal of the My2Cents campaign is to generate scores of letters from sewer ratepayers who support a gradual phase-down of funding for Splash, to preserve the program and their previous $1.5 million investment in it. After receiving 600 letters from ratepayers who didn’t want to pay any fee increase, the Board wants to demonstrate a commitment to keeping fees low by cutting out “non-essential programs”. We think the Board can find its way to funding Splash if an equal number of ratepayers can convince the Board that: (1) Splash is essential to protecting water quality in the long-term; and (2) preserving the program is more fiscally responsible than defunding (killing) it outright.

Please extend this opportunity to your family and friends who live in Sacramento County or West Sacramento. Just direct them to this website for guidance: