Going Batty
NOTE: This program is not currently being offered.

Get in the Halloween spirit with this fun and fascinating program about bats and other critters that go bump in the night!

Contrary to popular myths, bats are not blind, do not become entangled in human hair, and seldom transmit disease to other animals or humans. They’re not birds, nor are they flying mice. They are a group of mammals unto themselves, the only mammals capable of sustained flight.

A single bat can eat 600-1000 mosquito-sized insects every hour! Despite the vital role that bats play in the ecosystem, many people fear bats and kill them as a result of myths, superstition, and fear. In fact, nearly 50% of all bat species in the world are endangered or threatened.

We’ll investigate the facts about bats with Corky Quirk of NorCal Bats, a local bat rescue and rehabilitation center. Corky will show us a quick slide show and then introduce us to some live native bats! You’ll walk away with plans to build your very own bat box and learn some other ways that you can help protect bats.

Following the indoor portion of the program, we’ll venture into the woods and grasslands at Mather Field to discover some of the other nocturnal creatures that live in our region and talk about the incredible adaptations that enable nocturnal animals to survive.

Our walk will be a leisurely one-mile stroll on relatively level ground. In addition to bats, we might see beaver, otter, raccoon, skunk, owl, muskrat, night heron, coyote, and more!

Be sure to wear good walking shoes and warm, dark clothing. Bring a flashlight and bug protection of your choice. Reserve your spot early, as space in this fun program is limited! Quiet children 6 years and older are welcome.