The G.O. (Get Outdoors) Network

In fall 2008, a collaboration between Splash, the Youth Development Network (YDN), and CREEC (Capital Region Environmental Education Community) succeeded in gathering local providers of environmental education and outdoor experiences. Since their first meeting on October 1, 2008 these providers have continued to gather every few months to form a more integrated network.

Purpose of the Collaboration

We are a network of organizations that provide youth from the California Capital Region with meaningful outdoor experiences. Through effective collaboration we are able to share resources, advocate for outdoor education, and act as a clearinghouse for outdoor opportunities.

Benefits of the Collaboration

Validation: The network will bring together individuals and organizations passionate about connecting youth to the outdoors, thereby providing camaraderie, inspiration, and reaffirmation of our mission.

Resource Sharing: The network will create a nexus for sharing material, human, and financial resources among member organizations.

Sustainability: The network will contribute to the long-term sustainability of outdoor programming by helping member organizations avoid duplication and use limited resources more efficiently.

Capacity Building: The network will help member organizations improve the quality of their programs by providing training on best practices and showcasing model programs.

Effective Advocacy: The network will help the broader community understand the importance of connecting youth to the outdoors by articulating a compelling argument and speaking with a common voice.

If you are interested in participating in the effort to connect youth to the outdoors, please contact us for more information.