Fostering environmental stewardship

We believe that people value what they understand and they protect what they value. Splash programs help students and families draw connections between their own actions and protecting clean water habitats where they live. For many children, a trip to Mather Field is their first encounter with local nature and wildlife. When children have positive, first-hand experiences in nature, they are more likely to become adults who value and care for their environment.

Human activities have depleted the earth’s capacity to sustain the natural systems that make the planet habitable for humans and other species. Our region hosts many unique communities of plants and animals that live nowhere else on Earth.  Splash directly engages our young people in caring for the planet by introducing them to species with whom they share the Sacramento Valley. 

The Splash science curricula, field trips and programs help participants grasp that humans depend on natural processes and other species to provide basic human needs (food production, rainfall, clean water, clean air, health and safety). Understanding scientific processes and concepts helps our students become citizens capable of making informed choices as consumers and voters, particularly in this time of global ecological and environmental change.

Rather than focus on the negative news, Splash introduces people to the joy of discovering and exploring nature through science. Our goal is to educate students and empower them to protect water and habitat where they live. We assist individuals and groups to undertake projects that help our community better care for our piece of the planet and the web of life it supports. If you are looking for a way to make a difference where you live, please contact us for ideas on ways to achieve your goals.

Over the years, Splash students and classes have accomplished amazing projects that protect the vernal pool grasslands at Mather Field.  Their efforts have improved awareness of this natural resource and educated our community about its value.  As former Splash students begin to graduate from college, we look forward to hearing about their continued efforts to care for their environment, wherever they choose to live.