Family Fracas or “Hey Mom, Is that You?”



Make sure that you have lots of space with no hazards. The multi-purpose room might be a good place to try this. I did this in my classroom, but pushed back all the chairs in order to leave the floor clear.

Getting started:

You will want the animals (students ) in small groups of 3 to 4 per group. So have them number off accordingly. Form the groups and have them sit together while you give the instructions for the challenge.


Students, you are sitting with your new animal group. (Teacher, you might toss out a few names of animal groups that you know, i.e., hive of bees, flock of birds, covey of quail, herd of cattle, pack of wolves, swarm of mosquitos, etc.  Ask the students for other animal groups.) Students, your job is to describe as a group what your chosen animal SOUNDS like. Will it be a click, smack, buzz, sniff, grind, beep? Be very quiet about your discussion so that others in the room can’t hear. Try to be unique, unusual, or just plain weird. Agree on your language. Whisper the sound in your teacher’s ear, as he/she will make sure there are no duplications in the room. Next, you will be putting on a blindfold that your teachers will give you. Now, don’t move. Your teacher will place animals around the room in a random order and you will sit down and wait for the signal to find your family. You will crawl in the direction of like sounds. Remember your family is trying to find each other, so keep calling. No other sound-only the call that you decided on as a group. Listen for the start of the competition and absolutely NO PEEKING. Go!

Follow up:

Discuss how animals communicate. Not all communication is verbal. How might a distress call differ from a greeting? Think of examples.