Fairies, Tigers, Dragons & Damsels
NOTE: This program is not currently being offered.

At this very moment, a feeding frenzy is happening beneath the surface of Sacramento’s vernal pools. These seasonal wetlands are a unique habitat that host a dazzling array of tiny creatures that survive for only a few weeks and live only in vernal pools. The waters are already beginning to recede and by April the pools will fill with flowers. Don’t miss your chance to experience the wet and wild phase of the Mather Field Vernal Pools!

The scientists at Sacramento Splash will introduce you to dozens of species who star in this annual, fast-action food web. You’ll meet dainty shrimp that float like fairies. You’ll encounter fierce Water Tigers who tackle tadpoles four times their size, then turn into flying beetles. You’ll discover how the smile on larval dragonflies and damselflies is really a deadly trap for those who venture too close to these stealthy Dragons and Damsels.

We’ll begin at the Splash Education Center, where we’ll meet wee creatures up-close using magnifying glasses and microscopes. We’ll tour Critterville for a close look at amphibians and reptiles that begin their lives in vernal pools. Then we’ll venture out to the vernal pool prairie to see how the animals live in the wild.

All ages are welcome. Bring sunscreen and wear a jacket/windbreaker, long pants, and closed-toed shoes. Waterproof boots are good, but not essential. Reserve your spot early - space is limited.