Derek Chinn gives back to Splash

In 2005, 17-year-old Derek Chinn was having a hard time choosing a project to earn his Eagle Scout rank. Finally, his mother asked him, “What do you really care about?” Derek responded, “I care about vernal pools.”

So he called Eva Butler, who had come to his elementary school to teach his class about vernal pools when he was in fifth grade. By this time, her volunteer project at his school had turned into Sacramento Splash.

Over the next few months, Derek and Eva developed a project plan and got it approved by the County of Sacramento. As befitted an Eagle Scout, Derek planned and oversaw the construction and installation of the project, with his scout troop and parents providing the labor. Once completed, the project marked three, color-coded loop trails and bridged six wet areas to improve visitor access to an exquisite complex of vernal pools that was otherwise inaccessible due to wet conditions. Click here for more about Derek’s trails project.

Splash now uses the trails to help students and the public explore the beautiful Kitty Hawk vernal pools. Without Derek’s hard work and dedication, this would not be possible. Find out how you can become a volunteer.