The Big Picture of California Geology
February 28 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Have you ever wondered why California is such an ecologically diverse place?  From the high Sierra peaks to the deep desert basins of Death Valley, the plants, animals, and ecosystems of California arise from the unique geography and geologic history of each region. California has 11 different geomorphic provinces, each with its own distinctive topography, geology, and tectonic origin.

Geologist Nate Manley will present The Big Picture of California Geology, revealing how plate tectonics has given rise to California’s remarkable geology.  Don’t miss this extraordinary journey into the very foundation of California’s rich and diverse ecology.

An adept and entertaining teacher, Nate will reveal how California has been stitched together from bits and pieces of ancient islands that drifted across the Pacific.  Twisted and reformed by powerful tectonic forces, dominated by gigantic volcanoes, repeatedly carved by glaciers and rivers, and rifted apart by massive faults, 250 million years of geologic history have created the landscapes we see today. See how it happened in 90 minutes!  

Best suited for adults and students over 14 years old, the cost is $10. Click here to register by February 20.