Attend the SRCSD Board Meeting on August 25

We need to fill the hearing room with supporters on August 25th. If you can be a heavenly body, please consider attending the hearing in person and inviting others to do so as well. Although we will be limited to a few speakers, a full room sends a strong message.


Splash Guides will be there to orient supporters between 8:45 and 9:15, so we can all be settled in for the 9:30 to 10:30 hearing.

Click here for an interactive Google map or check out the directions and maps below.

If you get lost, call any of these numbers for immediate help. If you don’t get through on one, please try another.

Lucie: 521-8023

David: 801-0944

Nancy: 716-7553

Emily: 508-7607

Map #1 – Vicinity Map showing the location of the County Admin Building as the red “A”



Map #2 – Directions to the parking lot adjacent to the County Building

Note: The red locator marked “A” on the map below lies between the parking lot and the stairs (at street level) that will take you to the entrance near the Board chambers.


From I-5 (north or sound-bound) take the J Street exit. Go 5 blocks east on J Street and turn left onto 8th Street at the light. Go 3 blocks to G Street, staying in the left-hand lane. (You’ll actually pass the County Admin building itself on your left, as it takes up the whole block between I Street and H Street.)

At G Street turn left and go almost to the end of the block to the entrance to the parking structure on your left. Take a ticket and go up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, if you look straight ahead, you’ll actually be facing the part of the County Admin building where the Board chambers (and the hearing) will take place. (You’re almost there!)

If you find a parking place on the top level, you can walk south on the same level, toward the County Building and find a bridge/walkway that aims you right at the main entrance. After you enter, hang a sharp right and you’re at the door to the meeting room. (If you hang a left you’ll find restrooms.)

If you end up parking on the street level, walk south toward H Street and climb a huge set of stairs that takes you to the same south entrance to the County Building described above.

If you can’t find any available parking at the G Steet garage adjacent to the County Admin Building (unlikely), get over to 7th Street and head south in the right lane.  Right after you cross J Street, you’ll see a parking garage entrance on your right just before the 24-Hour Fitness (shown on the map above).  For free parking when you return to your car, just buy any ol’ thing at the Mall (a cup of coffee or a snack) and have the vendor stamp your parking ticket.