Splash Club

Splash Club activities help kids build connections to people and places that expand their horizons, build their sense of belonging, and encourage them to care for their community and environment. To learn more about the importance of outdoor education and experience, check out more information for parents.

Splash Club is open to all kids age 8 – 14, when accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.  Siblings are welcome to attend but some activities are not well suited for younger children.  We ask that you keep youngsters occupied during such times.  There are always animals to visit and books to read in Critterville and places to explore outside.

Splash Club meetings are currently held from 1:00 – 4:00 about five times per year at the Splash Education Center. The meetings alternate with the four annual Nature in the Neighborhood events, to which members and the public are invited.  While Splash Club meetings are free, there are fees associated with our other public programs.

Members receive special notice of upcoming Splash Club and Nature in the Neighborhood events, so they can make a reservation while there is space available.  After attending four consecutive Splash Club meetings, members are eligible to receive a FREE Splash Club T-shirt!

While the focus of each Splash Club meeting is different, at every meeting we will:

  • Interview a scientist
  • Find a new plant
  • Meet a new animal
  • Use microscopes
  • Explore outdoors
  • Observe wildlife
  • Document observations
  • Have fun!

Come join in the fun! Sign up for Splash Club today!