So you want to be a scientist…

© David Rosen/Wildside Photography

Through our Lifelong Learning classes and Love of Learning (LOL) series, you will meet scientists who live and work in our region as they share what they know and love about exploring life outdoors. These experiences at Splash can open eyes, warm hearts and expand minds to possibilities for future exploration and pursuits.

Many professional scientists in our region work with nature as their job. They make a living practicing science.  However, thousands more lay scientists practice scientific investigation as a pastime and study nature for fun. In fact, many lay scientists become experts in their field of interest because they love nature and they love learning about it.

For lifelong learners, there is always more to explore and investigate in nature. Many professional and lay scientists spend time sharing their knowledge with young people, hoping that nature exploration will give them the joy that they experience. Most believe that every generation inherits the work (and the fun) of preserving wildlife from the previous generation, and is responsible for passing it on to the next one.

Here are some examples of the fields of study that professional and lay scientists pursue…