Lifelong Learning Classes

To attract and invest in the lifelong learners of our community, Splash offers education classes for adults.  For those who want to learn more about the natural world and get out to see it in the company of equally curious people, these classes are a great fit. If this sounds like you, please consider joining us for an upcoming class.

In our experience, the lifelong learners who come to Splash value both education and access to the outdoors.  Many share some of the core values of Splash, which include:

  • We are united by a deep respect and love of nature and believe that access to nature is the birthright of every child.
  • We think education is good and valuable in its own right.
  • We believe our environmental future depends on us teaching children how to be good environmental stewards.
  • We are lifelong learners and believe in asking questions and finding answers.

The reason Splash invests in lifelong learners is they often return to Splash to invest in our mission as donors and/or volunteers. The support of lifelong learners helps Splash deliver inspiring science education to more children, so they can become the lifelong learners of tomorrow.