Beyond Splash

Sharing our knowledge and appreciation of the life in clean water habitats is one way that Splash demonstrates that we care about you and this place we call home. At Splash we believe that people value what they understand, and they protect what they value.

  • When we understand how important clean water is to humans and to many thousands of other species, we are motivated to protect it.
  • When we understand how much children gain from their connection to nature, we want to help them step off the pavement and into the wild.
  • When we understand that nature can open the door to a life-long interest in science, we want to keep that door wide open to children.

People often ask, “What can one person do? How can I make a difference?”

Fortunately there are many ways that one person can make a difference. Children can be our teachers, as well as our inspiration, when it comes to taking action.  Check out Splash Kids in Action.  We think you’ll agree that the good deeds of the kids inspired by Splash will be the lasting benefits of the organization.

If you are inspired to act, please contact Splash and ask “What can I do?”