Visiting Vernal Pools
Explore vernal pool habitat at Mather Field and beyond

Public access in Mather’s vernal pool habitat is limited and prohibited in some of the surrounding areas.

We only have about 5% of the vernal pools we once had in California. We hope you will take time to enjoy and protect those that remain. For the benefit of future visitors and hundreds of vernal pool species, please:

  • Explore the area only on foot – no bicycles or motorized vehicles.
  • Avoid walking into or along the edges of vernal pools. Avoid stepping on flowers.
  • Keep dogs on leashes and out of restricted areas. Look for “No Dogs Allowed” signs.
  • Leave all flowers for their pollinators and other visitors.
  • Unless you are on a guided tour, visit only areas open to the general public.

Click here for directions and walking instructions to public access areas in the Illa Collin Preserve at Mather Field.

For information about visiting vernal pools in other locations, visit www.vernalpools.org.