Materials Loan Agreement and Contact Info Update 2019-20

If you are a teacher participating in the Splash Elementary Program in 2019-20, please review the Teacher Expectations Agreement, update your contact information and then submit this form. 

I acknowledge financial responsibility for the following Splash Program Materials valued at a total of $435.00.

  • Investigating Vernal Pools Teacher’s Manual ($125.00)
  • Critter Catalog ($150.00)
  • Flower Facts ($150.00)
  • Fairy Shrimp Pan ($10.00)

I acknowledge that these materials are on loan to me without charge.  I agree to provide Splash with my complete contact information (including home address and phone) and to inform the elementary program coordinator when it changes.

I have read and understood the Splash Teacher Expectations Agreement.  If I am unable to meet one or more of the tasks listed in the Teacher Expectations Agreement, I agree to inform Splash immediately and, if necessary, to return the above-listed materials to a Splash representative.

I agree to surrender the materials within 30 days upon request by a Splash representative. If I do not return the materials within the allotted time, I understand that Splash will issue an invoice in my name for the listed value of each item up to a total of $435.00 to be paid within 30 days.

Please add any comments here. If your binders are old and in need of some TLC, please let us know and we will arrange to exchange them for a new set.