Mather Vernal Pools Update

Near the end of December, I made a trip out to Mather Field to check on the vernal pools.   Earlier that day, I looked through the photos I had taken the previous winter to find out when water first started to appear in the pools.  I found a photo taken on December 22, 2014 that showed the pools full of water. I stood again in the same field where I took that photo and looked out over a completely dry field of grass.  I felt disappointment and even a little worry as I walked past each of the dry and cracked vernal pool beds.  I left the field with thoughts of rain heavy on my mind.

This past Wednesday morning, I woke up early to the sound of heavy rain and I started to think hopefully again about the vernal pools.  As I drove my sons to school that morning I looked around to see standing puddles of water everywhere and the rain was still coming down! With that much water on the ground there had to be something in those pools!  

A line from the new Star Wars movie repeated itself in my head, “There has been an awakening! Have you felt it?” (Yeah, I’m a nerd).  Mather Field had to be waking up now!  Later that day I drove again to Mather to check on the pools. It was late afternoon and there was a break in the storm.  I parked my car on Eagles Nest Road and looked out over the field.  In the distance, nestled in a bed of grass was the beautiful sight of glistening water.   I walked out to where the pool was to better appreciate it and snap a photo.  Only a few of the pools were beginning to fill, but it was enough for me to feel excited for the start of another season at Splash!