Green, Brown or No Flowers


American Pillwort

Common name: American Pillwort

Scientific name: Pilularia americana
Family: Marsileaceae (marsilea)
Habitat: vernal pools, wet grassland
Size: entire plant about 5 cm tall


Little Quaking Grass

Common name: Little Quaking Grass

Scientific name: Briza minor
Family: Poaceae (grass)
Habitat: grassland (moist)
Size: plant up to 6 inches tall; floret 3 to 4 mm across



Common name: Medusahead

Scientific name: Taeniatherum caput-medusae
Family: Poaceae (grass)
Habitat: grassland, disturbed areas
Size: plant 6 to 10 inches tall; floret 5 to 8 cm including awns


Pale Spikerush

Common name: Pale Spikerush

Scientific name: Eleocharis macrostachya
Family: Cyperaceae (rush)
Habitat: vernal pools, wetlands
Size: Plants are up to 24 inches tall; stem looks like a long green straw with a tiny pine cone-like flower at the tip.


Purple Needlegrass

Common name: Purple Needlegrass

Scientific name: Nassella pulchra
Family: Poaceae (grass)
Habitat: grassland
Size: plants up to 2 feet tall


Water Starwort

Common name: Water Starwort

Scientific name: Callitriche marginata
Family: Callitrichaceae (water starwort)
Habitat: vernal pools, wet areas
Size: Clusters of floating leaves are 1.0 to 1.5 cm across.


Woolly Marbles

Common name: Woolly Marbles

Scientific name: Psilocarphus brevissimus
Family: Asteraceae (sunflower)
Habitat: vernal pools
Size: plant up to 4 inches tall, each “marble” 1 to 2 cm across