A Glimpse into being a Splash Volunteer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be mentored by a Splash Guide? Our season 2014 volunteer, Rebecca DePont shared her thoughts with us in this kind hearted review: 

 If a new potential Splash Volunteer asked me about my experience at Splash, I would tell them how important and rewarding it is to work there.

A little bit of background about myself, I am an Envrionmnetal studies major in the beginning of my junior year. Seeing as how I needed an internship for my major at CSUS, I felt as if Splash was a great fit for me as a volunteer. I really did not encounter anything unsavory about being a Splash Volunteer there. You have the opportunity to learn and teach all day, you get to hear from children who are so excited to share with you everything you ever need to know about a critter or flower. You never stop learning and your education will continue to grow here. The scope of what you learn is not limited, in the least bit, from birds to geography to velvet ants.

Also another thing that I love about Splash is that you are constantly around people with brilliant minds who hold so much knowledge yet they never make you feel inferior. There is so much unknown about vernal pools, everything that you experience is rare, yet you get to go out there explore an ecosystem and share your experience. It’s really rewarding to be able to be outside all day and help children learn the importance of nature and being outdoors.

I found this to be a very rewarding experience in so many ways. I know I can call any of the Splash Guides with questions or send them a picture of a plant or insect and they would not hesitate to help me identify it, whether they already know or look up said mystery organism and we learn together. I cherish the experience that I have had with Splash and firmly believe that it was a life changing experience.

Thank you so much, I intend on using you for references and am hoping that if I am
needed next spring that I can come participate again. 
Thank you for everything,

Inspired and now you want to become a Splash Volunteer? Check out our Volunteer Page for more details.