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The Power of the Pen

Talking to your government representatives is an important part of being a good citizen. In each city, county, and state, we elect officials who make decisions about land use and how our communities will grow. These decisions influence whether streams and vernal pools will be protected or destroyed. If you live in the unincorporated County of Sacramento, your representatives sit on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. If you live in a city in Sacramento County, your city council makes these decisions for you.

Government leaders need to know what you think in order to represent your interests and make informed decisions. Many times each year, they have to make difficult decisions about the fate of vernal pools and streams all over Sacramento County. They are asked to approve plans to build buildings, roads, soccer fields, and gravel mines on vernal pool grasslands. They rarely hear from people who know about vernal pools and their importance to plants and animals. And they can’t know if you care about them unless you tell them so.

If you have an opinion about the fate of vernal pools (or any other issue they are considering), you can write about it in a simple letter to your City Council or Board of Supervisors. It is good to practice to learn to express your opinions in letters, clearly, concisely, and respectfully. It helps your government representatives to make better decisions about the things you care about and it helps you to have a say in what happens.

For examples of letters that others have written, click on the links below:

Sample Letter #1
Sample Letter #2

Although these sample letters are more detailed than yours need be, they provide rationales for preserving vernal pools that might interest you.

Keep in mind that persuasive letters from children have great appeal. Even though the words are few, they convey meaning and evoke reactions in much the same way as children’s art.

You can find the address to which to send your letter by clicking on the links below:

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