Wiley Coyotes:
Discover the Wild Dogs of Mather Field

Based on the cartoon antics of the hapless Wile E. Coyote, you might never guess that the wild coyotes in our region are extremely shy, elusive animals.  The real coyote is a smarter, better adapted predator than the cartoon version.  At this event, you’ll learn how they capture their prey without using ACME rocket-powered roller skates!

Coyotes are one of the largest mammals to successfully survive near humans.  They have managed to expand their range and numbers to include most parts of North America, despite relentless encroachment on their habitat.

This program will begin inside the Splash Education Center, where you’ll get to meet a live coyote!  We’ll listen to different sounds made by coyotes and learn what they mean.  You’ll get to feel coyote parts (pelt, skull, etc.) and see recent photos and videos of Mather’s coyotes, taken by remote game cameras.

Then we’ll venture out to the vernal pool grasslands of Mather Field to hunt for signs of the resident coyotes.  On our walk, we’ll find all sorts of evidence, including tracks, scat (poop), trails, den sites, and kill sites (where they captured and ate their prey).  These clues will help us understand the important role of coyotes in the Mather Field ecosystem.

Join the pack at this program and have a howling good time!  Wear long pants and good walking shoes for the field portion of this program.  Reserve your spot early, as space is limited.

Important Information
  • Click here to reserve a spot for this program or call Splash at (916) 364-2437.
  • Suggested donations are $10.00/adult, $5.00/child (aged 5-18).
  • The Splash Education Center is located at 4426 Excelsior Road, Mather, CA 95655.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.