A Hawk Talk: Birds of Prey and the Sport of Falconry
with Master Falconer Bill Corbett

**NOTE: May 19th and June 3rd are duplicate events.**

Master Falconer Bill Corbett and his beautiful birds of prey will be joining us for the next event in our Love of Learning (LOL) series exclusively for Splash donors, volunteers, and special guests.

We’ll enjoy a potluck dinner from 6:00 to 7:00, then sit back and enjoy a program about the amazing birds of prey that soar over our region.

The program will open with a photographic introduction to our local raptors by professional wildlife photographer David Rosen. Then Master Falconer and raptor rehabilitator Bill Corbett will bring out the live raptors, share their stories, and discuss the sport of falconry. In his friendly, informal style, Bill will answer questions and highlight the unique adaptations that make raptors some of nature’s most efficient hunters.

Where’s my invite?

The guest list for LOL Events is comprised of donors who have made a gift to Splash in the past 12 months.  If you are a donor and have not received an email invitation, please contact Emily Butler, our Executive Director, and she will make sure you get one immediately.