The Geology of the Central Valley: From Tectonic Plates to Vernal Pools
NOTE: This is a past program.

As a Splash supporter, you might already appreciate vernal pools, if only as a portal for children to encounter nature and the joy of discovery.  The vernal pools at Mather Field are 50,000 to 200,000 years old, but have you ever wondered how they formed in the first place? 

At the January LOL program we will enjoy a communal dinner from 6:00 to 7:00pm, then sit back and learn about the amazing geology of California’s Great Valley.  We’ll discover how myriad geologic processes have shaped our state over the course of more than 200 million years.  We’ll also learn how these processes have contributed to the evolution of the vernal pool ecosystem enjoyed by Splash students today.

Our guest presenter Nate Manley is a local geology professor and a former Trustee of Splash.  Nate will share his knowledge and passion for geology as we view vernal pool prairies from a whole new perspective – from the ground up!  He will give us the “big picture” overview of plate tectonics and the geologic history of California’s Sierra Nevada, Great Valley, and Coast Range provinces, all the way down to the geology underlying Mather’s vernal pools.

“I have always been curious about Geology but, until I heard an earlier version of Nate’s talk, I’d struggled to grasp complex physical processes, which take place over geologic time and space.  Nate used cool time-lapse graphics to share fascinating geologic phenomena in fun, innovative ways.  He will leave you wanting more!”  – Eva Butler, Splash Founder