Functional & Funded: A Strategy on Developing your Nonprofit’s Resources

Being a nonprofit in today’s crowded and competitive landscape isn’t easy. Does grant-grubbing sap your time and energy? Do you turn yourself inside out to chase money when you could be building a roadmap for your organization’s future? It’s time to take the helm and steer your ship toward grants that work for you.

At this two-day workshop (9am – 4pm both days), you’ll learn to create a proposal to attract rather than react to funding opportunities. The workshop will be led by Harvey Chess, a well-known trainer, consultant, and the author of “Functional & Funded: The Inside-Out Strategy for Developing your Nonprofit’s Resources.” Harvey has been around the block and will help you approach grant proposal writing from a novel perspective.

You will learn, not only how to write a winning proposal, but also how to use this process to fundamentally strengthen your organization. Harvey’s unique approach will help you test the overall effectiveness of your work, shore up weak spots, and clarify your purpose. The results? A stronger nonprofit and a proposal that stands out among its competitors.

Whether competing for grants, appealing to the masses through crowdfunding, or making a personal appeal to an individual donor, your proposal will be a study in excellence, reflecting well on your team and it’s work in the world. It will show that your organization is committed to creating a strong board, a strong donor base, dedicated volunteers who love their work, and a clear and powerful message to the community you serve.

You will leave the training with:

  • Skills to guide your nonprofit team through its own process of strengths-building proposal development
  • Dedication to using the process to strengthen your organization before and after your proposal is submitted
  • Your own copy of Harvey’s book

For a fresh, inside-out view of the grant proposal writing process, mark your calendar and reserve your space soon!


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