Board of Directors


Mignon Marks
Board Chair

The Splash mission taps a lot of Mignon’s personal history and experience. She values education and Splash’s vision appeals to her interest in environmental protection. She loves that Splash opens the door to science and nature for kids from all backgrounds.  Besides that, she is a gardener at heart, so the vernal pools provide her with a natural garden to enjoy.


Bob Brown
Board Treasurer

Bob’s background in finance and accounting was the initial reason he was asked to join Splash’s Board of Trustees and become the Board’s Treasurer.  However, his passion for backpacking the mountains of the western states and a fascination with the mysteries of nature is why Bob has enthusiastically embraced Splash’s mission to help children understand and value their natural world through science education and outdoor exploration.


Barbara Camacho-Turner
Board Member

From her experiences as a home educator, substitute teacher, parent involved in the classroom, as well as nanny to several preschoolers over the years, Barbara has learned a lot about the nature of children and how children love nature.  All of these experiences working with children, she considers an honor.