BIG Day of Giving 2017


A New Vernal Pool Education Center coming in 2020!

Thanks to a massive outpouring of community support over the past three years, Splash has raised enough to fully fund our Investigating Vernal Pools program for the next several years. We are grateful to the hundreds of donors who made Splash scholarships available to almost 1,000 diverse elementary students from low-income schools. Now we turn our gaze to the future.


Splash needs a new home

For more than a decade, Splash has resided in an old office building at Mather Field. We have made the best of the space, but it was never intended to accommodate dozens of wild rescue animals, hundreds of vernal pool visitors, and thousands of school children each year.

We are ready to take our mission to the next level and create the first nature center to ever feature California vernal pools. A custom facility will allow Splash to: