On pause, but not losing sight of our mission
Responding to COVID-19


In the midst of hardship and uncertainty around Covid-19, Splash is shutting down all non-essential operations and suspending all programs at this time, until it is safe for all. We share this information with a heavy heart, as in our 20 year history we’ve never once had a season where we had to cancel school field trips or public tours. We are closely monitoring and responding to the latest information on Covid-19 and are hard at work considering how to adapt to the ever-changing situation at hand. We are working intently to develop alternate, creative ways to connect children to nature at this time and are preparing for new opportunities when it’s safe to run programs again. It’s our goal to come out of all of this with the ability to connect youth with the natural world year round. 

We want to be a positive place, for those connected with Splash, to reach out to virtually. We realize that during this time we all need friends to connect and share our stories with! We are gathering nature-education resources and will be sharing them on our website and social media channels soon. 

Here are some thoughts we have on our minds, realizing that each of us plays a role in helping others during uncertain times, and that we are taking it one day at a time. 

Stay positive

Be thoughtful

Avoid triggering trauma 

Connect with friends, family and even folks you might not have talked to in a long time! 

Consider virtual volunteer opportunities 

Project further into the future than you may think is necessary 

Our community must to come together and step up when times are hard

Share resources, increase philanthropy, give more than you take

Be prepared for new information, change and adaptation

Know what needs to be accomplished, create goals and be ready to move forward with full force when things clear up

We are firm believers that it’s how we react to tough challenges that will set us apart. Splash is unique, and we have been making phenomenal impacts throughout the region for over 20 years! We don’t see that stopping anytime soon. We aim to come out of this stronger and with programmatic offerings that deliver impact year round. 

Please be well and know that the Splash community thrives when you are in it.