A New Vernal Pool Education Center coming in 2020!

Thanks to a massive outpouring of community support over the past three years, Splash has raised enough to fully fund our Investigating Vernal Pools program for the next several years. We are grateful to the hundreds of donors who made Splash scholarships available to almost 1,000 diverse elementary students from low-income schools. Now we turn our gaze to the future.

Splash’s advocacy on behalf of the vernal pools at Mather Field resulted in major changes to the original development plans for the old Air Force Base. These include an expanded Vernal Pool Preserve and a 25-acre Environmental Education Campus that Splash will help build into a regional hub for outdoor exploration, science education, and vernal pool research.

The first structure on the Environmental Education Campus will be a custom facility built for Splash by Mather South LLC. Their largesse will pay construction costs for the shell of the building, but Splash must do the planning, designing, and furnishing that will turn this shell into a valuable community resource.

On May 4, 2017, our community came together for the 4th Annual BIG Day of Giving. Check out this video to see how we did!